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Hello! We’re Amanda and Benjamin Aaron. We’ve been around the soapmaking community for quite some time now. We run an educational blog at www.lovinsoap.com and host a soapmaking community on Facebook called Saponification Nation.

We interact with soapmakers daily in our community and Benjamin through his business coaching. We’ve noticed a big hurdle that soapmakers face when wanting to sell their soap.

Once a soapmaker has decided to sell their ever-growing stock of beautiful creations they immediately set out to design labels.

They quickly realize a few things.

Hiring a professional designer to create labels can be quite costly! Many soapmakers gradually morph from hobby to business and simply don’t have the funds to hire a designer right away. You can save big bucks by doing it yourself.


Design can be hard! Not everyone is a natural at it. We’ve had people post their DIY label designs in our Facebook Group in tears, not knowing how to make it work. They don’t understand how to create graphics, how to use design software, how to create the right size label…etc.

Are you nodding your head in agreement?

We see it every day. (And we’ve both been there!)

So we created a solution! Welcome to DIY Soap Labels!

DIY Soap Labels provides aesthetically-pleasing label templates, design tutorials and helpful tips and tricks for soapmakers who want to create exceptional labels for their handcrafted soap.

Take a look through our label template designs, check out our blog, read through our frequently asked questions, and if you need custom help, contact us!

Our #1 goal is that you are empowered to create beautiful labels for your soap without pulling your hair out! Think of us as your personal cheer squad…providing tools, encouragement and support along the way!